four-row tapered roller bearings

Four row tapered roller bearings are the one kind of roll neck bearings, their radial and axial loading capacity are high, can carry heavy axail loads in two directions, and their radial loading capacity is 3 times heavier than single row tapered roller bearings. Application: rolling mills

double-row tapered roller bearings,

The double-row taper roller bearing is mainly used to support the combined load which is mianly consisted of radial load. It can restrict the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in the two directions. Application:rolling mills, gearboxes, hoisting equipment, mining machines, tunnelling machines.

Single-row tapered roller bearings

Single row tapered roller bearings primarily carry combined loads which is main in radial.Tapered roller bearings are widely used in rear axle hubs of automotives, large machine tool spindles, large power reducer, roller wheels of feedways. Matched Type: face to face, back to back, in tandem